Inbetween Job Anxiety

I was asked to do another panel interview for my new job that I had already interviewed, got an offer and quit my job for.  I was appalled. I complained to the recruiter that why wasn’t I told about this before and why are we doing this after an offer was done, signed and sealed.  He said it was a part of the process..

What choice did I have?  I went into the room.  There were 5 new interviewers, sitting around the room.  One person asked the questions while the others wrote notes during my answers.  Then, each one went around announcing their rating right away.  First interviewers gave me 1/5, fail.  Second one gave me 3/5, barely pass.  Third one, 4/5, pass.  Fourth one, 4/5.  Fifth one gave total sum of all the possible rating of 10.34567 and my grade of 2.1256.  What!? you want me to do math to figure out if I passed?  I needed 4 of 5 interviewers to pass me to move forward with my position.   I couldn’t think, let along do calculations in my head.  I just said, I passed.  Then, the hiring manager looked at the score and said I failed.  They can no longer take me.

What!?!?  I was furious.  I had 2 weeks until my start date.  I had already quit my job at my previous company.  My mind was going in 100miles per hour.  What should I do?  I can’t go without a job for another month. I have bills to pay.  Should I go back to my old company? How am I going to do that? How embarrassing?  I started complaining, sobbing..this is not fair.  I already had an offer.  The hiring manager seemed sympathetic and said she was sorry but couldn’t do anything.

I looked over the interviewers’ notes.  ‘very task driving’ ‘not creative’ 1/5 – it was the first interviewer’s note.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  I kept telling myself that this is not happening..this is a dream.

I woke up.  Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to take a whole month off between jobs..eeesssh.

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